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Simple polls for everyone!


To create a new poll, enter the question, followed by the answers-

@poll "Where should we go for lunch?" "McDonalds" "Qi Thai" "Beyond Sushi"
@poll "Who is the strongest?" "Batman" "Superman"

Once the poll is created, users can vote by entering the ID next to the option-

@poll vote 1

To check the results-

@poll results


You can make your own one just like it by typing:

"Where should we go for lunch?" "McDonalds" "Qi Thai" "Beyond Sushi"

And everybody can vote on what place would be best for lunch today! The Poll Bot is the easiest way to quickly get feedback. Voting is simple too and your users can just type "vote 1" or the option number they like and their vote is added immediately!

Now, you never have to be confused on deciding where to go. It's as simple as 1-2-3!

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