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Easy to understand

For every bot, there are multiple workflows (something like paths). Every flow has a trigger and multiple actions. In any interaction, a single flow is selected (as soon as a flow's trigger condition is met).

If a flow is triggered, then all actions within that flow are executed.

Integrate with your existing system

Connect to your existing services using JSON, RSS, Zapier and more.

Be Lazy

We have hundreds of ready-to-use bots which handle many different use cases. If you find your use-case to be similar, you can simply import one of them into your existing bot.

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Respond and Push

When a user calls your bot, perform actions and respond with relevant information.

Push Notifications
Send information, promotions, offers and alerts pro-actively to your users.

Run on multiple platforms

Have the same bot on Slack, CometChat, Facebook and more.

Start by building your first bot

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